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'Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly' - Epictus




bespoke fine jewellery inspired by london - made in italy


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'London is one of the most alluring and glamorous cities in the world. An incubator for innovation, London has succeeded in cultivating a unique culture by embracing emerging talent, and by not being afraid to draw inspiration from every walk of life. London provides a permeable surface upon which history, architecture, music, fashion, and art can meld, producing a unique, living, breathing, undercurrent of creativity. It is from this energy that London Bird distills its very own style.'


                                                               - Miranda McCarthy

Implementing industrial production techniques has allowed London Bird's designer Miranda McCarthy to create ground-breaking large scale pieces of fine jewellery. Each element has to be customized to be almost hollow. Whilst maintaining their huge impact, the pieces are lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

Italy is one of the few places on earth that uses this kind of production for making jewellery. Highly specialized  equipment is needed as tradtional techniques can not be used. The quality of gold and silver content and un-matched craftsmanship all speak for the world renowned excellence of Italian jewellery.


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London Bird pays homage to the Renaissance jewellers with our new collection of sculptural pendants.


When baroque pearls first reached the European markets in the 15th century from the newly discovered pearl banks of the ‘New World’ (Venezuela, Colombia, and Panama) they were highly prized by Renaissance jewellers. They saw them (as we do), not as misshapen products of sea molluscs, but rather as unique and exquisite natural forms. However, because of their irregular shapes, these pearls did not fit into any type of existing jewellery at that time. And so a new style was born: The Sculptural Pendant.

The most famous example of this style can be found at the V&A museum in London: 'The Canning Jewel' is a pendant in the form of a merman with sword and shield. It was the direct inspiration for our sculptural pendant  collection. Using baroque pearls, combined with gold, silver, and coloured gemstones, we have let our imaginations run wild.


We have created 10 British birds, a bear, a great white shark, and even a fluffy bunny. All made from sterling silver, gold vermeil, and natural sapphires. Each pendant comes on a 30'' sterling silver chain.


We also offer a bespoke service and can create a creature just for you!



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Inspired by her childhood collection of vintage jewellery, Miranda McCarthy followed her dream to become an award-winning, fine jewellery designer. She has created pieces for the English National Ballet and has graced the pages of Vogue magazine with collections she has sold through a network of exclusive retailers and hotels.  

Miranda decided to make the leap into luxury and was determined to continue to push the boundaries of design by implementing specialist, industrial, techniques into her manufacturing process.

Nominated for Designer of the Year 2011, London Bird has gained support from Sir Paul Smith, Amercian Express, Barclays Private Wealth, and others. London Birds new collection of sculptural pendants was showcased at Fortnam&Mason during London Craft Week 2015.  


Miranda continues to design and has just launched her second company - a platform that supports fledgling jewellery designers from all over the world.

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